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Hearth's desire is to be the preferred builder in the Michiana area.
We design and build the highest quality homes, focusing on your needs and improving your quality of life.

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  • Excellence: Recognizing that our customers have chosen us, we are committed to serving our clients with excellence in every aspect of the building experience.
  • Value: Recognizing that our homes provide solid foundations for families, we commit to provide the greatest value, with our quality craftsmanship and on-time completion in each home we build.
  • Communication: Recognizing that communication is the key to any good relationship, our staff is committed to walking along side our clients as they take each step throughout the building process.
  • Design: Recognizing that creative designs are one of the keys to our success, we are committed to continuing a tradition of designing homes that blend needs, desires and budgets of each individual client.
  • Detail: Recognizing that attention to detail is often what sets us apart from our competition, our team is committed to following up on even the smallest details in each home we build.
  • Involvement: Recognizing that our clients play a key roll in the building of their new home, we are committed to keeping each client directly involved and informed during the building process.
  • Integrity: Recognizing that our business is based on Christian principals and that most of our clients are referred to us by past customers, we are committed to working honestly and fairly with all of our clients, vendors, sub-contractors and employees.

Let's Start Your Dream Home ...

Hearth Homes Inc. was founded in 2014 by Timothy A. Miller (Tim) and Justin S. Hurtekant. This was started and is a division of the existing Fireside Homes, Inc. owned and operated by Tim. Justin Hurtekant was a salesman for Oakbrook Homes for 13 years before the company closed its doors in 2014. During those 13 years, Justin helped to design, and bring to fruition the building of 160 homes. It was decided by Tim and Justin that with the closing of Oakbrook, it would be the ideal time to help a clientele that would not normally come to Fireside Homes have a place to come.

This division, just like Fireside, is doing custom homes, but trying to help the first time homebuyer recognize their dreams. An in-house CAD system is used to quickly organize, develop and define the ideas and concepts of each homebuyer. Justin personally works with each client to determine individual expectations and personal finance needs of their new home. Communicating with each homebuyer early on gives Justin the opportunity to build a packet of plan ideas that is tailored to each client’s specific concerns and desired features. After the homebuyer’s careful review, the selection process is narrowed and a conceptual plan is drawn from the combined elements.

As the project manager for each new home, Justin believes high grade materials and overall integrity throughout the building practices has and will continue to be a contributing factor to Hearth Homes success. Realizing the importance of affordability for many potential homebuyers, Justin advocates uncompromising quality and above all enduring value, which can be found in every home built by Hearth.

Hearth Homes is proud to employ only the finest framing and finish carpenters. All are masters of their trades, thus ensuring a consistent level of excellence. Finished woodwork, quaint design elements, tiled shower walls in the master bath and arches are just a few of the trademarks of a Hearth home.

Home buyers are always welcome to visit the job site at any phase of the homebuilding process. The entire Hearth team takes pride in their belief that communication resolves issues before they become problems. They take the time and effort to keep each homebuyer informed of their new home’s progress as it reaches its timely completion and schedules at least two walk-through tours. The first walk-through is the pre-drywall stage. Here, the homebuyer and Hearth can reconfirm the details. The homebuyer can see the inner workings of their home, inspecting and examining electrical, mechanical, and plumbing before the walls are completed. The second walk-through is the pre-closing, and any potential concerns are handled in a timely, professional manner. In addition, each Hearth home is under a one year cosmetic warranty and Hearth also offers an additional ten year structural warranty to homebuyers.

Justin is currently a member of the Builder’s Association of Elkhart County. It his desire and drive to stay current and professional with the changing building needs and wishes of his clients. Hearth Homes may be a new company, but with the experience and expertise of both Justin and Tim, the homebuyer can rest assured their new home will be completed with quality, cost efficiency, and in a timely manner.

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